Oil Spill Detection

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Oil Spill Detection system designed to detect the oil spill and alert in real-time. Oil Spill Detection system has Advanced software algorithms that detect oil spill without a false alarm and have high sensitivity (1-micron sensitivity) and selectivity of the spectral distinction of single components within a complicated conglomerate of organic substances.

Oil Spill Detection system is IP68 certified non-contact Ex d oil detector, using UV fluorescence method, suitable for wastewater, airport, buoy, vessel marina, port, aquaculture, industry, oil refinery, hydro dam, oil platform, oil terminal, power plant and hazardous areas.

Oil Spill Detection system is based on the fluorescence technique, works as a quick screening method of water surface, and consists of a pulsed UV LED, receiving telescope, data control, and processing electronics. A pulsed LED beam excites oil molecules that appear in the studied water area and induce their fluorescence. The telescope collects the resulting returning signal for further processing. The integrated analytical controller software immediately analyzes the received signal. Data processing and result delivery are carried out in real-time.

Oil Spill Detection system detects and alerts you to unsuspecting oil spills. It provides 24/7 industrial and environmental water monitoring, whether at effluent discharge or influent intake points.

Oil Spill Detection AlOil Spill Detection SSOil Spill Detection Atex
Sensitivity> 1 μm (micron) oil film
Rangeup to 10 m above surfaceup to 10 m above surfaceup to 8 m above surface
Operation Temp-30ºC to +60ºC [-22ºF to 140ºF]
EnclosuresAluminum - Anodised, powder paintedStainless Steel - Electropolished 316LATEX EXD - 316L ATEX/IECEx , Zone 1
Power option12 VDC (10V - 30V) as Standard - Other Options: 110/220 VAC 60/50 Hz AC/DC adapter, solar/battery options available
Power Usage< 2 Watt (DC)
Led Lifetime5 years typical, thereafter, LED replacement
Light SourcePulsed UV LED
Weight1.7 kg6.9 kg12 kg
Dimension659 x 83 x 80 mm686 x 139 x 139 mm669.5 x 142.5 x 132 mm