11th July 2021, Mavi Deniz has been signed a contract to supply bow collector brush oil skimmer with 35 m3 / hr oil recovery capacity to RussiaBOW COLLECTOR OIL SKIMMER RUSSIA 1 Workboat Builder to be used on the aluminum landing craft workboat.
Mavi Deniz Bow Collector Skimmer is a Vessel Bow Mounted Oil Skimmer System, which has a Rigid Brush Conveyor Belt unit and is mounted on the bow of the Marine Vessels and Oil Skimmer Boats.
The efficiency is encased by the brush system, which relieves water pressure and avoids the heatwave. The system automatically separates and recovers oils, emulsions, oily debris, sludges from the water, and delivers it to deck level. Recovered oil normally contains less than % 2 free water.
The working speed of the oil skimmer boat with Bow Collector Skimmer is between 1 – 4 knots; the working speed varies on the sea conditions.

– Bow Collector Brush Oil Skimmer Model: Mavi Bow 35
– Sweeping Arms Model: Manual – 1 pc
– Hydraulic Power Pack Model: PP 10 – 1 pc
– Hydraulic Oil Transfer Pump – 1 pc
– Hydraulic Hose Sets – 1 pc
– Export Packing – 1pc

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