15th September 2016, Mavi Deniz awarded the tender regarding beach cleaning services with a total of 140 workers, 2 pcs garbage collection boat, 2 pcs trash boats, 2 pcs tractor, 2 pcs beach cleaning machines, 10 pcs 4×4 pick-ups, 2 pcs garbage truck for collection of solid wastes are used to cleaning on the coastline which belongs to the Adana y Hatay Municipality Department of Environmental Protection and Waste Utilization.BEACH CLEANING Service 1

Solid waste affecting marine life and ecosystems; our diver  teams are used with our professional and modern equipment. Employees especially continue to clean the area of wastes that hit the shore cleaning at Mediterranean area of Turkey. Beach cleaning machines, beach sand after the correction of fine and coarse cleaning is also done.

Mavi Deniz is the world leader in beach cleaning technology. Beach XXL Model with better performance of up to 30.000 m2 / hr. For over 10 years, the world has used Beach Cleaning machines from Asia to Europe and Canada to New Zealand. The Beach XXL model features a PTO was driven, machine mounted, hydraulic drive system. Both belt and feed reel speeds are controlled from the operator’s seat to change speeds as sand conditions dictate. Both drive systems are designed for years of dependable service. Two Beach XL model beach cleaning machines help with the large-scale development of tourism in the Mediterranean Sea area of Turkey. The quality of the beaches will be a major contributing factor to the region’s overall success!

Beach cleaning on any sand; the right answer for any contamination

Nothing is left behind by cigarette butts, pieces of glass, plastic bottles, flotsam, or seaweed – thanks to the Mavi Deniz beach cleaning machines, raking, screening, and combined cleaning technology. The raking technology means that damp sand can clean to the optimum, and dry sand can process quickly. The screening technology involves removing a thin layer of dry sand and cleaning it of even small contaminants (e.g., cigarettes). It picks up everything. Whether rubbish, seaweed, or stones.

The non-stop switch

With the combined cleaning technology, the driver can combine both cleaning methods in a continuous operation. The switch between raking, screening, and mixed cleaning occurs non-stop. The vehicle is ready for all beach areas thanks to the variable use of the different cleaning technologies.

Raking technology

  • Sand: wet and dry
  • Surface cleaning
  • Coarse contaminants (e.g., seaweed)

Screening technology

  • Sand: dry
  • Surface and deep cleaning
  • Small contaminants ( e.g., cigarette stubs, bottle tops, and pieces of glass )

Combined cleaning technology

  • Sand: dry to damp
  • Surface and deep cleaning
  • Coarse and fine contaminants
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