15th February 2021, Mavi Deniz signed a contract with 3A Solutions to supply 2 pcs Portable Dispersant Spray Systems to Bangladesh Coast Guard. ThePORTABLE DISPERSANT SPRAY SYSTEM BANGLADESH 1 MaviSpray unit is designed for use as a portable, lightweight oil dispersant sprayer. The MaviSpray may be used for both concentrates and dilute applications. The pump unit has a self-priming vane pump and uses a liquid jet pump to achieve the required seawater/chemical mix. Four lances are supplied, which may be used simultaneously if required—dispersant tank with oil spill dispersant of 1.000 liters.
Each lance is fitted with 10 meters chemical resistant hose and has a heavy-duty impact resistant spray gun with a nylon handle and trigger guard. Individual flows to lances are controlled by valves located at the outlet manifold.
Control Panel system includes ignition indication lamp, throttle, engine overheat protection lamp, battery electrolyte level alarm lamp, on/off switch, Compound gauge for suction, Pressure gauge for delivery. Hand lance 4 x ½” NB x 10-meter hose and lance.

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