Fishery + Oceanographic Research Vessel

Research Vessel
Research Vessel
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Mavi Deniz Fishery + Oceanographic Research Vessel designed to make Habitat Mapping + Biodiversity Studies, Scientific Diving and underwater Photography + VideoCasts, Environmental Monitoring + Research on Oceanography + Fisheries Research + Environmental Research + Fish stock assessment  + Climate – And atmospheric sciences also equipped to perform resource monitoring, oceanographic and environmental surveys, ecosystem investigations, bottom habitat mapping, pelagic and demersal trawling, conductivity/temperature/ depth (CTD) water sampling, single and multi-beam echosounder surveys, integrated data logging, oil recovery, and emergency towage in National and international Marine Waters according to the Class and Flag requirements. We can arrange the design of the Fishery + Oceanographic Research Vessel for your operational profile and needs.

On standard Fishery + Oceanographic Research, the Vessel has diesel engines as an optional dual-fuel engine. She can burn conventional liquid marine fuels such as light fuel oil (LFO), heavy fuel oil (HFO), liquid biofuel, or LNG. It can switch between fuels without loss of power and speed.

Design of Fishery + Oceanographic Research Vessel: We are working with the best designers and scientists in the world because that Research Vessel has excellent hydrodynamic performance,  modern laboratories, quiet working areas, and enough use handling equipment with excellent sea-keeping and stable platform which has dynamic positioning system, ensuring superior maneuvering and positioning for optimal performance of the scientific sensors. Unique materials + products were selected to reduce onboard and underwater noise with a large working deck for operations and production. The machinery components will be mounted to minimize noise and vibrations.

After we deliver the Fishery + Oceanographic Research Vessel, you will see the same performance and quality years and years later, with no changes. One reason to catch the performance and quality: we don’t choose cheap products; we pick the best materials and products for building the research vessel and select the best workers and engineers.

Green Power Options

  • Powered by Solar Energy System
  • Powered by Battery Power System
  • Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
  • Powered by LPG System


  • High towing capacities for seismic research
  • Silent operation for fisheries vessels
  • Operate in shallow temperatures,
  • Shallow draft
  • Physical, chemical, and biological Oceanography

Accommodation + Communication | Optional

  • Mess room
  • VIP Room
  • Meeting
  • Room/ Lounge
  • Hospital
  • Laundry
  • Gym
  • PC Lab & LAN & Wireless access + High capacity 4g communication +Sattellite Communication
  • Scientific Data Network
  • Onboard Real-Time Media Access for Underwater Observation

Working Space | Optional

  • Wet Lab.
  • CTD Lab
  • Bio Geochemical Lab.
  • Dry Lab
  • Incubation Lab.
  • Main Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Scientific Refrigerator
  • Deck Office
  • Survey Office
  • Equipment Room


  • Anchor mooring winch
  • Capstans
  • A-Frame – Side or Stern
  • Split net drum
  • Fishnet drum
  • Trawl winches
  • Grabdredger winch
  • Plankton sampling – Vertical + Towed
  • Winch ( Coaxial Cable + Umbilical + Steel wire )
  • Deck Crane
  • CTD – Davit + Winch
  • Vibrocore Sampler
  • Step Deck + Stern Platform

Fishery and Oceanographic Equipment + System | Optional

  • Scientific Shallow ( Water + Deep Sea ) Echo Sounder + Multibeam + Single Beam
  • Sound Velocity @ Head + Probe
  • Air pollution measurement station
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Sub-bottom Profiler
  • Trawl monitoring system
  • Ultra-Short BaseLine SONAR System
  • Digital Recording
  • Weather station
  • Seabed Sampling
  • CPT + Vibrocorer
  • CTD system
  • ADCP
  • Electromagnetic Log
  • Acoustic positioning system
  • Marine Data Management system
  • Motion Reference system
  • Multi-Sampling Rosette
  • Sediment Dredge system
  • ROV
Research 24Research 28Research 32Research 36Research 40Research 65Research 76
Length (m)24283236406576
Beam (m)6889101516
Draft (m)1.622.533.43,54,3
HullMono Hull (Standard) | Catamaran Hull (Optional)
MaterialSteel (Standard) | Marine Grade Aluminium (Optional)
PropellersFixed Pitch ( Standard )
Speed (knots)Min 10 - 15 Knots
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