Emergency Storage Tank

Emergency storage tank oil spill tank (4)
Emergency storage tank oil spill tank (3)
Emergency storage tank oil spill tank (2)
Oil Spill Storage Tank
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Mavi Deniz’s Emergency Storage is designed for recovered liquids for operations in Pollution Cleanup & On-Site Treatment, Effluent Containment, Water Storage & Treatment, Demulsification of Oily Wastes, Fire provision, Laboratory demo / Mixing tank, Test Tank for Floating Equipment, Oil Water Separation, Equipment Washdown, Temporary Liquid Storage.

Emergency Oil Storage Tank Available in various sizes, storage tanks are lightweight, portable, and quickly assembled without tools. Emergency oil storage tanks are suitable for temporarily storing many liquids, including oils, chemicals, and wastewater.

The Mavi Deniz’s tank is a temporary storage tank that stores oil spill waste, hazardous materials, or liquids like corrosive fluids, acid, oil, and water. Emergency Storage Tank is lightweight, easily transportable to the site, and can be assembled rapidly without tools. Available in 8 sizes for volumes ranging from 1.500 liters to 20.000 liters.


  • Aluminum pipe frame construction
  • A smooth profile facilitates easy cleaning.
  • High-strength PVC fabric standard, others available
  • One person can set up an Emergency Storage Tank; no tools are required.
  • Optional accessories, including liners, ground cloth, roof covers, vents, drain fittings, repair kits, spare parts, and a carry bag for easy transportation
Capacity Length Width
Mavi Tank 1.5 1.5 m3 4 m1 m
Mavi Tank 3.5 3.5 m3 5 m1 m
Mavi Tank 5 5 m3 9 m1 m
Mavi Tank 7.5 7.5 m3 12 m1 m
Mavi Tank 10 10 m3 14 m1.1 m
Mavi Tank 12 12 m3 15 m1.1 m
Mavi Tank 25 15 m3 16 m1.4 m
Mavi Tank 50 20 m3 20 m1.8 m
Mavi Tank 100 50 m3 20 m2.8 m
Mavi Tank 250 100 m3 44 m2.8 m
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