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Meet Our Fleet – Available For Sale & Rent

Mavi Deniz is a World leader in the field of ecological boats for the antipollution and sea cleaning vessels for River, Lake, Sea, and Offshore regarding response, prevention, collection, and recovery of oil-spills, algae and aquatic plants, floating / semi-submerged garbage, and the collection, disposal and where applicable, processing of all ship-generated waste covered by MARPOL 73/78 from ships in the port. Below is a list of the vessels owned, operated, and managed by Mavi Deniz. Our Fleet operation areas are the Marmara Sea, the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Anti Pollution Control Vessel
Basaran I
Basaran II
Çöpçü Emre
Basaran IV
Basaran VI
Mavi Deniz II
Amphibious Machine
Amphi 5
Trash Skimmer + Control Boat
Çevrem IV
Çevrem II
Çevrem III
Sea Cleaner 1
Sea Clenaer II
Control Boat 1
Dredger + Barge
Basaran 28
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