Trash Barrier Installation Planning

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Trash barrier installation planning service is important not to fail after the trash barrier installs because of that, we arrange phases and stages.

Trash Barrier Installation Planning Phase and Stages :

  • Phase I – Hydrological, Topo-Geodesy, Bathymetric, Engineering-Geologic and Ichthyofauna Studies;
  • Stage II – Selection of non-conventional equipment and sailing cleansing facilities, technical-economic analysis, and the values ​​of selected options;
  • Stage II – Preparation of the requirements and technical specifications for selected options for the tender of supply and installation procurement;
  • Stage IV – Participation in technical and financial proposals of tenders taking part in the procurement tender for delivery of non-conforming structures and sailing cleansing facilities

After completion of the phase and stage, Mavideniz submits the technical report; with that report, you will get the best / optimum option for the trash barrier implementation based on the economic assessment of alternatives, economic profit (EIRR), net present value (NPV), will get the type and specification of the trash cleaning/collecting machines or vessel selected on rivers and will get more and more information