02 January 2019, Mavi Deniz has been contracted to provide a multifunctional amphibious machine to Lithuania with a wide range of tools and accessories.AMPHIBIOUS MACHINE 2
The amphibious nature of the machine allows access to areas normally inaccessible to conventional machines. It is the ideal solution for work in lakes, canals, and other wetland habitats.
The weight distribution system gives the machine low ground pressure and floating capacity, offering unique opportunities for work in sensitive environments. No other machines, like a crane, are needed for loading or unloading into the water. Amphibious Machine drives up and down the trailer that can be pulled by a normal car.
Due to the great maneuverability, it turns easily around its own axle in water and is ideal for narrow areas.
Amphibex is an amphibious machine that has many advantages.

The basic machine can be equipped with a complete set of tools.

The smart connector on the lift arm makes it easy to change the different tools, which makes it possible for them to work as:AMPHIBIOUS MACHINE 1

  • Harvester
  • Collector
  • Excavator
  • Dredger

MAVI DENIZ several amphibious machines are on usage for the domestic market and the International market.

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