29th April 2020, Mavi Deniz signed an agreement to supply oil barrier permanent booms to the Netherlands of IOT Holland Company to use in thePERMANENT OIL BOOM Netherland 1 offshore sector.
Oil Barrier is a permanent containment boom designed to protect Port facilities, loading marine terminals, refineries, power plants, and marinas. Oil Barrier Boom features long-term durability, excellent resistance to ultraviolet, wave action, and marine growth with deficient maintenance.
Oil Barrier Boom is an extremely durable, low maintenance oil spill boom designed for permanent installation in harbors, tidal inlets, dams, hydroelectric plants, lagoons, docks, piers, oil rigs, vessels, and other facilities where spills are possible.
Oil Barrier Boom has established a reputation for rugged durability and top performance in controlling oil spills and debris. Some of our installations have been in continuous service for over 15 years.

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