27th April 2016, Mavi Deniz has been subcontracted to provide 1 pcs 17 m and 1 x 11 m Sea Cat type Anti Pollution Vessel to recover trash, solid waste,anti pollution vessel 2 plastics, nylon, weeds, cigarette, and garbage’s on the water in the Mediterranean Sea Area to the city of Iskenderun ( Alexandretta ) Municipality for long-term operating services.

MAVI DENIZ several vessels are on usage for domestic market and the International oil spill market.

  • The Sea Cat vessels, which is an extremely innovative vessel,
  • Works in ports, canals, bays, and along the coast;
  • Collection, storage, and discharging of floating and semi-submerged macro pollutants ( plastic, plants, cans, wood, etc. );
  • Collection of hydrocarbon products;
  • Fire-fighting and quay cleaning operations using a water cannon positioned on deck;
  • Removal of foam and surface films;
  • Monitoring, pollution control, and analysis of waters;
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