MAVI DENIZ is a World Leader manufacturer of oil spill recovery systems for the port authorities. The Tier 1 oil spill response equipment will use in Belawan, a port city in Sumatra, Indonesia. Located on the Deli River near Medan, Belawan is Indonesia’s busiest port outside Java.oil fence boom boom reel
Belawan Port rehabilitated the extensively deteriorated cargo berths and improvements to the dry bulk and palm oil loading systems of Ujung Baru Terminal, the passenger terminal’s relocation, and construction of a new passenger berth procurement container-handling equipment Belawan is Indonesia’s busiest port outside of Java.

Crude Palm Oil (CPO) has become the main export commodity of the Belawan sea-port following the recent rising demand for the plantation product; in case of an oil spills accident, the equipment will be located in 3 different places for emergency response.

The National Oil Spill Contingency Plan gave the Indonesian government approval in 2007. The lead agency for oil spill preparedness and response is the Directorate General of Sea Transportation (DGST).

A National Team for Oil Spill Response has been established, comprising the Directorate General of Mining and Gas and other government ministries and agencies.

The National Team is responsible for coordinating the implementation of emergency response at sea during major incidents. It also provides legal support to those that suffer financial loss as a result of the spill.

With the new order dated 30th July 2015, Mavi Deniz will supply a multi oil skimmer with brush and disc and drum modules capacity 20 m3/hr.

The brush module is used for heavy oils; the disc module is used for light oil spills.1000 m Oil Fence Booms with harbor type store on the 3 pcs separate boom storage reels include repair kit and anchor kit system for the Indonesia port authority.

Mavi Deniz is still growing faster in the South East Asia Region.

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