Turkish Petroleum Yarımca River Oil Spill

Upon the request of the Turkish Petroleum Yarımca facility manager to intervene in the pollution caused by the river on December 15, 2021

Bobcat River Oil Spill Response 1When arriving at the scene; Oil-absorbing sausage barriers and oil barriers were placed on the part of the river bed flowing into the sea to prevent pollution. After the pollution was imprisoned in the river, efforts to clean up the pollution with oil-absorbing pads were started. It was observed that the source of pollution was not completely cut off during the operation. The source of pollution was reached during the day, and the officials of Zülfikarlar chemical company initiated operations to stop and eliminate the pollution. The collection of the waste source was started using a vacuum truck.

On December 16, 2021, oil-absorbing sausages and pads in the river bed have completed theRiver Oil Spill Response Oil Absorbent Boom process of absorbing oil and its derivatives, and the process of collecting has been started. After the waste collection process, oil and its results were seen on the river, and the intervention continued with oil-absorbing sausages and pads. By placing oil-absorbing sausages at the point after the pollution is poured into the river, the pollution reaches the point where the river spills are reduced.

When the pollution spilled into the river, Zülfikarlar firm officials started the separation process of the contaminated soil with the help of a bobcat, and the polluted soil was filled in big-bag sacks. After the pollution was cut off in the evening, oil boom, oil-absorbing pads, and sausages were collected. Afterward, the wastes in Big bag sacks were loaded onto the truck for disposal.

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