Diaphragm Pump

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Our Diaphragm Pump available in three different metal designs: ductile iron (SG), stainless steel (ED), or aluminum (AL, upon request). Using suitable, durable materials for diaphragms valve seats and balls will give you the best possible combination of materials for your application.


  • Water and wastewater management
  • Ceramics industry
  • Surface engineering
  • Marble and stone works
  • Marine, offshore
  • Automobile industry
  • Machine construction
  • Pigment production
  • Paper industry
  • Mining
  • Paint and lacquer industry
  • Steel industry
  • Chemical Industry


  • Require low pressure ( up to a maximum of 0.8 MPa/120 psi ).
  • Mechanically driven diaphragm pump that is highly energy efficient, because the drive does not require expensive compressed air.
  • Does not require hydraulic fluid, and it can be suitably equipped to provide the performance needed for each specific application.
  • Electromechanical Diaphragm Pump’s unique design concept and impressively low energy consumption when used in the most diverse of applications
DP 10DP 15DP 20DP 30DPH 20
Capacity8 m3/h24 m3/h30 m3/h50 m3/h19 m3/h
Pump BodyAluminum | PolypropyleneAluminum | PolypropyleneAluminum | PolypropyleneAluminum | PolypropyleneAluminum | Polypropylene
Discharge Connection1"1.5"2"3"2"
Discharge Head70 m70 m70 m70 m70 m
Suction Head6 m6 m6 m6 m6 m
Solid Handling4 mm6 mm6 mm8 mm4.5 mm
Weight7 kg25 kg40 kg65 kg135 kg