MAVI DENIZ signs an agreement with Pakistan Offshore Oil Company for Tier 3 oil spill response services and deploying oil booms, oil skimmers, absorbents, storage tanks, and vessels to prevent oil spills during SPM (Single Point Mooring) services in the offshore area about 10.2 KM west offTIER 3 OIL SPILL RESPONSE SERVICES AT OFFSHORE 1 ‘Khalifa Point’ at Hub Baluchistan within Pakistan Region. The buoy is positioned using six anchors and chains system and ancillaries in a mean depth of 25 Meters.

A subsea pipeline, Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM), subsea hoses, and floating hoses, being the integral components of the terminal, serve to transfer crude oil between the tanker and the shore tanks. The SPM has been designed to take ships up to 100,000 DWT, having berthing criteria at a significant wave height of 3.0 meters and wind speed of 30 knots.

In the event of an incident, Mavi Deniz Group will immediately mobilize trained & experienced incident managers, technical & specialized scientific staff, along with response-ready equipment from our global emergency response facilities.

Mavi Deniz Group can provide a full range of services, including incident evaluation & consultation, spill management, technical support, response logistics, planning & admin,

deployment/operation of equipment & management of waste.

Providing worldwide Oil & HNS Emergency Response in all incidents:

  • Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 response & recovery for onshore, nearshore, and offshore spills
  • Response in all environments from the Arctic to the Amazonian jungle
  • Alternative technology application including dispersant & in-situ burning
  • Pumping of bunkers & cargo from sunken/disabled vessel
  • Ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore transfer
  • Off-loading of hydrocarbons & cargo from sunken or grounded vessels
  • Remediation & handling of contaminated/distressed cargo
  • Salvage/wreck removal support
  • Management of oily & chemical waste/residues
  • Route/cargo coverage service contracts
  • Emergency consultant support services
  • Hazardous & Noxious Substances (HNS) response
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