eco systems in marine habitats with supply of jellyfish barrier systems around the world. The usefulness of jellyfish nets is recognized in various areas, first of all in fishing and bathing.
Here is the specifications of jellyfish barrier nets;JELLYFISH BARRIER NET 1
Strong containment of jellyfish and algae.
No impact on marine life.
No chemical impact
The barrier reduces cost of State’s health care fordamage caused by a stinging jellyfish.
You do not need any help: barriers are ready to use.
Inflation systems during installation or aboard seaare not needed.
No danger of puncture or deflation of the barrier.
Lightweight and easy to handle modules.

Mavi Deniz makes agreement with new Customer from Republic of Azerbaijan with namely Global Interiors Group for the jellyfish barrier nets in 27.07.2020.

Jellyfish Barrier Nets
Model: Jellyfish II
Net Height : 1 m
Section: 25 m
Material: PVC
Freeboard : 20 cm

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