SILT CURTAIN 128th December 2019, Mavi Deniz signed a contract with Qatar Navy Base at Doha to supply 450 m Lightweight Type I Silt Curtain Anti-Turbidity Boom.
A silt curtain is either a permeable or impervious structure suspended in the water column to control migrating water bourne sediment. Also known as a turbidity curtain or silt screen, the silt curtain’s function is to contain disturbed sediment about one to two meters from the surface. This allows suspended sediment to settle and drop within the water column by controlling dispersion. A silt curtain provides the necessary environment and time for the suspended sediment to settle to the bottom.
Controlling sediment from construction sites, dredging, decanting, and toxic algae are simplified using a Silt Curtain. Made from tough Geofabric and PVC.

Silt Curtain Booms are ideal for many varied applications, including:

Control of sediment and runoff from construction sites
Control of sediment from dredging operations and dredge deposition
Mine tailing dams to reduce suspended solids
Control of aquatic plants
Controlling toxic algae

Mavi Deniz is a leading supplier of silt curtain equipment with its expertise and support services worldwide. We are also one of the most safety-conscious suppliers of silt curtain manufacturers in the world.

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