09th January 2020, Mavi Deniz has been contracted to provide a multifunctional amphibious weed harvester machine with a wide range of tools and accessories for the world market. The new model is AM5500 has a better and more power capacity with a 50 hp diesel engine range.AMPHIBIOUS WEED HARVESTER Weed Lake 2
The amphibious nature of the machine allows access to areas normally inaccessible to conventional machines. It is the ideal solution for work in lakes, canals, and other wetland habitats.
Amphibious Weed Harvester to be used on private pond, lake, and wetland projects for aquatic vegetation harvesting, maintenance dredging, and wetland management. We like to refer to the machine as an amphibious skid steer. The ability to traverse land and water, in addition to its variety of interchangeable tools, makes it the perfect fit for versatility in managing surface water assets.
Due to the great maneuverability, it turns easily around its own axle in water and is ideal for narrow areas.
Amphibex is an amphibious machine that has many advantages.
The lift arm makes it easy to change the different tools and work as:
– Harvester
– Collector
– Excavator
– Dredger
A reliable four-cylinder diesel engine powered it, and the new Amphibex was built to exceed EPA emission requirements. The new line of Amphibex includes diesel and a petrol (gasoline) motor that complies with U.S. EPA emissions standards.
MAVI DENIZ several amphibious machines are on usage for the domestic market and the International market.

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