Fast Ferry Oil Spill Response Operation

On October 5, 2020, İDO-Istanbul Sea Buses San. ve Tic. Inc. Company reached the İDO-Bostancı pier with all the necessary equipment and personnel to make the required intervention at approximately 21:30, upon the request for an intervention to the marine pollution experienced at the İDO-Bostancı pier.

It has been observed that marine pollution has been taken into the controlled area with the withdrawn fuel barrier, and cleaning works have been started in the area.

With the 8-person cleaning team and intervention equipment, our company staff regularly carried out pollution control, pollution analysis, and cleaning work.

During the cleaning works carried out by our company, the Coast Guard TCSG-10, and IMM. The Environmental Protection and Control boat constantly monitored the crime scene during the interventions, situation assessments, and exchange of ideas with all parties, especially IDO officials. The sea surface, vessels, rock, and piers were cleaned in three days.

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