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Mavi Deniz is the world leader to protect the marine habitats’ ecosystems with the supply of jellyfish barrier nets worldwide. The usefulness of a jellyfish net is recognized in various areas, including fishing and bathing.

You notice the proliferation of several new species, and therefore, tools, such as the jellyfish net, become even more necessary for some valid reasons. Our devices could hinder naturally and straightforwardly these bad maritime meetings.

Here are the specifications of the jellyfish barrier net;

  • Robust containment boom for jellyfish and algae.
  • No impact on marine life.
  • No chemical impact
  • The barrier reduces the cost of the State’s health care for damage caused by a stinging jellyfish.
  • You do not need any help: barriers are ready to use.
  • Inflation systems during installation or aboard sea do not need
  • For the barrier no danger, for puncture or deflation
  • Lightweight and easy to handle modules.

For these reasons mentioned above, it is necessary to discover an eco-friendly jellyfish barrier system that doesn’t harm marine life and is not an obstacle or danger for the sea’s protagonists. Jellyfish net is the correct answer to a requirement created a long time ago and that no one had been able to provide resolution.

Anti-jellyfish net acknowledgments

The anti-algae and jellyfish protective barriers are eco-friendly and, at the same time, have very high functionality and efficiency.

Our anti-jellyfish barrier has obtained an international.

Mavi Deniz invented the Jellyfish net, which has designed a solution for all the problems caused by jellyfish and algae, significant issues that compromise fishing, tourism, and people’s health.

Jellyfish net is a product that protects man and his activities, and also it protects him from dangerous and sometimes fatal attacks.


Standard and custom-sized modules possible

Anti-algae and jellyfish net module length is up to 30 m in depth. However, needs may be different, and the areas to be protected may be of a size and shape that would require the custom size that can cover most of the space to be protected.

It’s also possible to realize custom modules both in length and depth.

The customization of our modules is a significant thing because we meet the specific needs of customers.

We are here to create anti-jellyfish modules that can meet and satisfy your specific needs. It will not be an intervention that will damage your territory because it is not permanent. Since you do not need inflation systems on the shore, the jellyfish net has no impact on marine life and does not involve any chemical effect.

Besides, all modules are very light and easy to handle, and installation is quick and straightforward and occurs without external interventions.

A jellyfish barrier is a necessary tool created in an excellent way that guarantees only benefits and solutions to all your problems.

Tested the jellyfish barrier as the best way to protect you against jellyfish and algae.


Anti-jellyfish net not in any way obstructs means vessels passage. Modules can join together or be easily separated to allow vessels to pass or create protected zones.

It will not be a permanent barrier, but it will have the flexibility and the adaptability to meet specific needs and circumstances.

A security that does not harm the environment and does not interfere with usual and ordinary operations.


The installation of our net is simple and does not require an invasive operation in the area to be protected. It’s an indispensable aid, but at the same time discreet and not permanent.

The barrier has a straightforward installation.

There is a side panel on the net to facilitate the attachment of the anchors.

We provide you with several anchoring kits based on a specific location where the jellyfish net is installed.

In this way, you can be sure to have proper protection, the correct installation, and you can be sure to be wholly protected from jellyfish and algae.

Furthermore, we have the diver for installation service on the sea bottom to facilitate your job.

TypeSolid (Standard) - Seasonal Non Permanent | Air (Optional) - Semi Seasonal | Rubber (Optional) | HDPE Float (Optional) - Permanent Longer Term
Fabric MaterialPVC (Standard) | Rubber (Optional)
Flotation MaterialSolid (Standard) | Air Inflatable (Optional) | HDPE Floats (Optional)
BallastGalvanized ChainGalvanized ChainGalvanized ChainGalvanized Chain
Net Size50 mm - 15 mm50 mm - 15 mm50 mm - 15 mm50 mm - 15 mm
Freeboard15 cm20 cm25 cm30 cm
Net Height0,5 m - 1 m - 1.5 m - 3 m - 5 m0,5 m - 1 m - 1.5 m - 3 m - 5 m0,5 m - 1 m - 1.5 m - 3 m - 5 m0,5 m - 1 m - 1.5 m - 3 m - 5 m
Section Length25 m25 m25 m25 m
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