Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

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The trailing suction hopper dredger is designed for land reclamation, beach nourishment, and capital dredging operations. The Trailing suction hopper dredge is equıipt with one or two suction pipes with a drag head to collect the soil, sand, silt, and gravel from the seabed.

The trailing suction hopper dredger is a self-propelled, sea-going vessel that can perform trailing dredging up to a depth of 20m and be equipped to conduct grab dredging to depths up to 20m and rainbowing up to the 23m distance.

These are very flexible and can operate independently of other equipment and, since they are self-propelled, can transport the dredged material over long distances. Once fully loaded, the vessel sails to the unloading or placement site, where the dredged material is offloaded. Depending on the type of project, the dredged material will be unloaded/discharged in one of three ways:

  • Material is either deposited at the placement site by opening the hatches at the bottom of the ship;
  • Pumped ashore through pipelines, which may be submerged or floating
  • Heavy-duty pumps may propel the material into the air, known as rainbowing. The method of offloading or discharging is directly related to the type of project.

The trailing suction hopper dredger can be optionally integrated with a dredging control system that controls system can monitor and control the dredge tracking for efficient dredging operations and easy handling of the vessel during missions, dredging equipment for suction pipes, gantries, swell compensators, overflow ducts, gate valves, dredge pumps, and auxiliary equipment through manual or automated modes or using artificial intelligence.

The design of the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger is based on the latest design philosophies and formed by practical experience with dredgers of different international and thorough knowledge of technological development. The hopper dredger models are in several capacities and are well equipped to operate in a wide range of coastal zones dredging with several materials.

The trailing suction hopper dredger has diesel engines as an optional dual-fuel engine; it can burn conventional liquid marine fuels such as light fuel oil (LFO), heavy fuel oil (HFO), and liquid biofuel, or LNG. It can switch between fuels without loss of power and speed.

Green Power Options

  • Powered by Solar Energy System
  • Powered by Battery Power System
  • Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
  • Powered by LPG System


  • Self-propelled and highly maneuverable
  • Dredges while sailing
  • Suitable for working in the open sea during heavy weather and swell conditions
  • Low price per cubic meter at a wide range of jobs
  • Shallow water operation with the optimized speed.
  • Low vibration levels
  • Compact vessel with optimal maneuverability
  • Dual-Fuel
  • High payload
  • High-efficiency dredge pump
  • Approved dredge control and monitoring system


  • Suction pipe extension
  • Degassing installation
  • Additional loading box
  • Adjustable overflow
  • Light mixture
  • Jet water medium or high pressure
  • Active drag head
  • Swell compensator
  • Bow coupling/nozzle, self-emptying channel
  • DP zero
  • Bow thruster
  • Lifeboat
  • Additional cranes; deck, + grab crane
  • Rainbow distance
  • Discharge length
  • Degassing system
  • Dredging software + automation
  • High-pressure inboard dredge pump
  • Engine/pump room
  • Workshop
  • Sweeping Arm
  • Other accommodation
  • Cradle for spares
  • Walkway below deck
  • Water ballast treatment
TSHD 500TSHD 650TSHD 1000TSHD 1500TSHD 2000TSHD 2500TSHD 3500
Hopper Capacity (m3)50065010001500200025003500
Dredging Depth (m)15152020222222
Length (m)50566273708093
Width (m)11121414161619
Draft Dredging (m)3,23,24,24,6555
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