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Mavi Deniz Rock Cleaner designed innovation to clean up oil spills under challenging conditions on rocky shorelines, beaches, land, harbors, ditches, roads, oil terminals, petrol stations, factories, airports, shipyards, and vessels.

The rock cleaner is a handheld vacuum-based rock skimmer with an integrated brush wheel for improved oil spill recovery efficiency. Traditionally, hand mop units, shovels, and absorbent booms y pads have been used to clean the oil from the shoreline. This new unit allows the operator to recover oil while “brushing” the rocks rapidly. It can be used for oil on the water surface, land, concrete, asphalt, and oil booms.

Mavi Rock Cleaner has two main parts: a brush with a vacuum rock skimmer unit and the other is a pump with a power pack. As a mobile solution for the shoreline, it has all the power for cleaning up operations.

With Mavi Deniz’s proven brush technology, the Mavi Rock Cleaner has a small hydraulic motor that operates a brush wheel that removes the oil layer from rocks and separates oil from water. Recovered oil is scraped off the brush and flows into a recovery hopper behind the bush. A separate suction pump then sucks the oil to a storage unit. The Rock Cleaner comes with an adjustable steering handle and harness.

However, due to the highly versatile suction lance, the Rock Cleaner is made from seawater-resistant aluminum and weighs approx—6.5 kg. The system is extremely rugged and very lightweight, ensuring the system can be operated easily by a single operator. The operator can also direct the rock skimmer head into narrow areas or onto hard surfaces while remaining safe.

The brush wheel is made from polypropylene bristles. The rock skimmer is entirely hydraulically operated and has a shallow power requirement, and also, the unit can connect to a suction pump or vacuum system.

The Mavi Rock Cleaner also comes with a nozzle and a pan head nozzle allowing the Cleaner to be used in various chemical and oil spill applications. The system can also be equipped with an optional hydraulic control level on a broader handle that improves unit control while allowing the user to control the brush wheel’s speed.


A Stone Catcher can filter out stones, trash, and debris to protect the pump from the individual customer’s requirements.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy Operation
  • Compact Solution
  • Flexible
  • Multiple recovery heads
  • Recovery of light oils to heavy viscous oils
  • Fast assembly/disassembly
  • Low power requirements
  • Pump or vacuum suction
Mavi Rock Cleaner Skimmer
Capacity1 – 10 m3/hr
Operator1 Person
Viscosity RangeLight Oil + Medium Oil + Heavy Oil + Chemicals
Length1.5 m
Width40 cm
Power0.7 hp
Weight7 kg
Hose Connector2” Camlock
Hose Lenght10 m
Skimmer Head2” Suction Lance
Equipment RequiredSuction Pump
Hydraulic Power Unit
OptionalStone Catcher | Straight Nozzle | Pan Head Nozzle
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