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Sand Sifting Beach Cleaner designs on dry sand and soft surfaces. The sand and waste collect via the pick-up blade of the cleaner onto a vibrating screening belt, which leaves the sand behind and the wastes gather in a collecting tray which is often situated at the back of the cleaner. Because sand and litter lift onto the screening belt, sifters must allow time for the sand to sift through the screen and back onto the beach.

The size of the materials removed is governed by the size of the holes in the installed screen. Sand Sifting Beach Cleaner standard Using screens 3/8″ (5mm) or 3/4″ (20mm), the different sizes of screens possible to choose to adapt to current soil conditions.

Sand Beach Cleaner is an excellent solution for removing small materials from small to mid-sized beaches, such as shells, stones, cigarette butts, encroaching grass, animal droppings, broken glass, twigs, bottle caps, and other litter and leaving a path of clean sand.

Mini Beach
Lenght2.6 m
Width0.9 m
Working Width0.9 m
Height1.1 m
Discharge height-
Screen Depth5 cm ( Standard ) - 12 cm ( Optional )
Weight285 kg
Waste Tank Capacity20 lt
Performance4.200 - 1.400 m2
SpeedWalking Speed
Air ConditionerNo

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