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Sweeping Arm Oil Skimmer

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Despite all the most recent prevention measures against oil spills, those are still a real scourge for our environment. To minimize environmental and economic consequences, we must be ready to respond with the last technological resources.

Thus far, mechanical recovery is the most ecologic method for at-sea oil recovery services. Consequently, MAVI DENIZ Sweeping Arm Skimmer System is one of the most appropriate tools.

Sweeping Arm Oil Skimmer, Rigid Construction, MAVI DENIZ Sweeping Arm Skimmer employs a rigid concentrating guide boom attached to the response vessel. A  weir skimmer or brush skimmer can build into the arm at the ‘V’ apex next to the ship hull. A pump transfers recovered oil and water to onboard tanks, then the separation of the mixture can proceed.

 Sweeping Arm Oil Skimmer, High Performance, equipped with the most efficient hydraulic-driven submerged active Archimedes screw pumps, MAVI DENIZ Sweeping Arm Skimmer   System can recover any floating pollutant. Those witch does not pass through the pump inlet can be recovered downstream from the “grating door.” A high-pressure steam system can adapt to liquefy thick oils at the pump inlet and outlet for oil with high viscosity.

Sweeping Arm Oil Skimmer, Easy To Display, MAVI DENIZ Sweeping System is mobile and easily stored and transported. Only a few people are needed to put the MAVI DENIZ Sweeping Arm into operation. Since the system is a self-floating device, almost any seagoing vessel with sufficient recovery capacity and power can host the system. Experience in anti-pollution transformation vessels, MAVI DENIZ engineering and design department can answer any optional request.


  • Steam injection pump inlet
  • The steam injection pump outlet
  • Tow lines
  • Hydraulic flexible hoses
  • Spare parts
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Multifunctional crane
  • Remote control System
  • Brush conveyor skimmer cassette
Sweeping Arm 100Sweeping Arm 200Sweeping Arm 350
Oil Recovery Capacity100 m³/h200 m³/h350 m³/h
Free Water Content<5%<5%<5%
Sea ConditionUp to Beaufort 5Up to Beaufort 5Up to Beaufort 5
Oil Collection SpeedUp to 5 knotsUp to 5 knotsUp to 5 knots
Length8 m10 m15 m
Width2.2 T with (equipped)2.8 T with (equipped)4.6 T with (equipped)
Pump TypeHydraulic heavy duty screw pump ( Others on request )
Pump Rate100 m/h Handle oils even with a viscosity of 30.000 cst Adjustable towing cable
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