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The MINI CAT, Oil Spill Recovery Boat designed to collect spilled oil before it reaches the shoreline, which is an incredibly innovative oil recovery boat, intended to be used in limited spaces and shallow water, areas where larger vessels with the same operational abilities are unable to operate, suitable to work in the little draft, inland, and coastal waterways. Ports, canals, bays, marinas, lakes, marina, waterways, nearshore, and along the coast carrying out the following services:

  • Collect, store, and discharge floating and semisubmerged micropollutants (seaweed, plastic, plants, cans, wood, vegetation, etc.)
  • Collection of oils and hydrocarbon products;
  • Fire-fighting and quay cleaning operations using a water cannon positioned on deck;
  • Removal of spill foam and surface films.
  • The oil recovery boat is also ideal as a multi-purpose vessel for boom deployment and dispersant spraying.

Oil Spill Recovery Boat has a hull-mounted brush skimmer and can be mounted to the hull’s bow or side, enabling recovered oil to be delivered directly to the recovered oil storage tanks in the middle of the boat. Oil Spill Recovery Boat is portable and allows the operator to either proposition or relocate the unit quickly to respond immediately to the marine accident. Also, oil recovery boats can be transferred by Container or Trailer.

Oil Spill Recovery Boat has excellent marine qualities and maintains a high-efficiency level in the open sea. The catamaran hull accentuates the flow of water towards the boat’s inner side, where the vacuum propeller positioned behind the collection basket creates an aspiration flow. The suction vacuum propeller is role dynamically operated directly from the wheelhouse. The collection basket can be regulated according to the trim to optimize its functionality. A turbine pulls a stream of water through a tank with a mesh to filter out solid waste.

The Stream is then separated into two:

  • First Stream: the turbine pumps away from the clean water.
  • Second Stream: surface water polluted with oil and hydrocarbons is channeled into a hydrocarbon separator, where the hydrocarbons float.

Green Power Options

  • Powered by Solar Energy System
  • Powered by Battery Power System
  • Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
  • Powered by LPG System

MAVI DENIZ is a market leader/world’s largest producer in designing and manufacturing multi-purpose ecological anti-pollution workboats.

MAVI DENIZ Inland & Sheltered Waters OSRV, MINI CAT can be seen in use all over the world

Length5.1 m7.2 m9.1 m
Beam2.2 m2.5 m2.5 m
Draft0.8 m0.8 m0.9 m
Hull TypeCatamaranCatamaranCatamaran
Displacement1250 kg2200 kg3200 kg
Debris CapacityOptionalOptionalOptional
Oil Storage Tank1 m³2 m³3 m³
Fuel Tank100 lt.150 lt.300 lt.
Speed6 Knots6 Knots8 Knots
Oil Collection Speed0-3 knots
Oil Recovery Rate ( Conveyor )3 - 2 m³ / hr5 - 4 m³ / hr10 - 8 m³ / hr
Oil Recovery Rate ( Bow )35 m³ / hr50 m³ / hr80 m³ / hr
Oil Skimmer TypeBow or Conveyor
Rescue Device3 x Life jacket / Buoy / 3 x Fire Extinguisher
AccommodationsFully glazed wheelhouse high quality fit-out which includes seats
OptionalGPS, Echo-sounder, Compass, VHF. Navigational Safety Lights, Floating Oil Storage Tank, Fire Canon, Jib Crane
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