M/V NIKHIL – Oil Spill Response Operation

On July 22 the, 2004, M/V NIKHIL sank at Derince TCDD Port. Following the accident, the strong surface current rapidly transported the oil southward all the way to the southern opening to the Marmara Sea. The spill was estimated as lO tons of marine fuel oil with the density of 0.9454 g/cm3 at 15 C. Oil spill recovery vessel. Our emergency response team start the spill operations within 15 minutes after the accident happened. 200 m oil spill containment booms are used to capture the oil slick, which was carried southward by the main current in the Strait. During the cleaning operations, one of the most effective equipments used to protect the coast was the absorbent booms and pads. After the accident, barriers were cleaned to prevent further contamination. Divers have recovered the bodies of one sailor that killed in the vessel.