Oil Spill Contingency Planning + Response Planning

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Oil spill contingency planning is the process of developing a suitable spill response capability that complies with the local regulatory framework and commensurate with the oil spill risks of an organization or facility. The oil spill risk assessment and response planning processes allow identifying and adequate planning and provisioning for scenarios of all scales and complexities. Incorporated within these processes are the principles of tiered preparedness and response. Once an oil spill contingency planning is done, continuous planning remains an important process to guide operations and monitor their effectiveness.

Contingency planning provides guidance on the contingency planning process for potential oil spills in or on water following an accidental release of oil to a marine or aquatic environment, whether during the handling, transport, production, or storage of oil products.

Oil Spill Contingency Planning For Specific Industries

  • Vessel
  • Port
  • Marina
  • Pipeline
  • Railroads
  • Oil-handling facilities

Mavi Deniz offers a range of consultancy solutions

  • Environmental Mapping / GIS
  • Oil Pollution Emergency Plans
  • 3d Oil Spill Modeling
  • Shoreline Protection Strategy Plans
  • Stakeholder Consultation and Management
  • A detailed quantitative risk picture
  • Identification of priorities and environmentally sensitive areas
  • Identification of risk-reducing measures
  • Net Environmental Benefit Analysis
  • Oil spill contingency analysis and response plans
  • Customized solutions for near-shore and shoreline response
  • Customized solutions for a cold climate oil spill preparedness and response
  • Operational oil spill support and technology advisory
  • Verification of oil spill response technologies and plans.