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Mavi Deniz’s Self Erecting Tank is designed for the temporary storage of recovered liquids for operations in Spill Response, Water Storage at Construction & Remote Sites, Fire Fighting, Rain Water Harvesting, Drip Irrigation, Oil Water Separation, Temporary Liquid Storage of petrol/diesel/ edible oils/chemicals.

Available in various sizes, storage tanks are lightweight, portable, and quickly assembled without tools.

Mavi Deniz Self Tank is a self-erecting foldable tank that stores oil, water, and other liquids.

Self-Erecting Tank is ready to be deployed at any time, as they hold themselves up without a frame due to the floating collar, which rises as the Tank is filled. They include handles at the bottom, positioning the Tank’s base as desired.

The self-Erecting Tank is made of flexible and oil-resistant material. Their design, fabric, and manufacturing process make them hard-wearing and suitable for intensive use.

Self Erecting tanks can be folded up to facilitate transport and storage. They supply in a bag with handles, making them easy to carry and deploy. Standard sizes are available from 3 m3 to 370 m3.


  • Easily transportable
  • No frame set-up, No assembly necessary
  • High strength durable PVC / Rubber fabric
  • Very Lightweight yet robust
  • These reservoirs are sturdier and more versatile than aluminum frame fabric tanks.
  • Optional accessories, including liners, ground cloth, roof covers, vents, drain fittings, repair kits, spare parts, and a carry bag for easy transportation
Self Tank 1 Self Tank 3 Self Tank 5 Self Tank 10 Self Tank 25 Self Tank 50
Capacity 3 m3 3 m3 5 m3 10 m3 25 m3 50 m3
Diameter 1.92 m 2.1 m 3.1 m 4.4 m 6.9 m 9 m
Height 0.44 m 0.52 m 0.84 m 0.84 m 0.84 m 0.96 m
Weight 10 kg 35 kg 51 kg 80 kg 125 kg 300 kg
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