21st August 2017, Mavi Deniz has signed the contract to respond and clean inland oil pollution from PTT Company storage tanks via discharge hazardous oily liquid wastes to the river by valve leakage. Afterward, it reaches to shorelines at Zonguldak.

Mavi Deniz is a leading supplier of Spill response expertise and support services in Turkey. Mavi Deniz is one of the few companies able to provide a fullPOLLUTION RESPONSE AND HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT 2 range of inland pollution response services to all industry types throughout Turkey. That allows our customers to benefit from valuable, in-depth knowledge of the commercial and regulatory climate our clients operate within.

We are also one of the most safety-conscious suppliers of spill response and associated services to the industry.

This range has allowed us to develop considerable expertise in the techniques and limitations of the initial spill response. We also offer expert advice and support on reducing exposure to the consequences of a regulatory breach in an incident, combined with how to reduce cost when dealing with the aftermath.

Our teams of responders operate after the initial response; a high support capability is available from our hub locations.

Clients may benefit from reduced rates via a contractual arrangement. Inquire to find out how we can help you.

A suite of additional services includes the provision of:

  • Accredited and bespoke training
  • Supply of products
  • Consultancy advise and auditing
  • Emergency planning and exercises
  • Qualified Labour
  • Detailed reporting

Combined with the ability to design support services unique to the client’s requirements, whatever the industry sector.

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