MAVI DENIZ agrees with MDF, Georgia, with the following subjects:

RIVER TRASH FEASIBILITY STUDY REPORT 1Includes (but is not limited to) hydrological, topo-geodesic, Bathymetric, Engineering-geologic, Ichthyofauna researches.

  • Hydrological research
  • Determine water volume calculation and levels according to precincts;
  • Identify the river hydraulic elements in the project area;
  • Creating annual river floods and law water level schedule;
  • Allocation of coastal flood and wash control areas;
  • In the areas of the deep bottom, created basin area study (surface area, length/width) and depths to be determined
  • Evaluation of floods and flood risks;
  • Data on the mud and trash averages of the rivers;
  • Bathymetry survey of the river basin at the design sites;Identification of floating trash on rivers (plastics, trees, etc.) and tiled materials (Sand, Mud,
  • Stones), which will cause traffic blocks for Boats (if necessary).
  • Engineering Geological Survey with research should cover the selected areas in general Geological descriptions and descriptions of engineering geologic conditions in premises, wherein future will place onshore constructions for trash barriers.
  • Selection of the type/specificity of floating trash barrier types on the rivers, based on the results of hydrological research.
  • The type and specification of the trash cleaning/collecting machines selected on separate rivers.RIVER TRASH FEASIBILITY STUDY REPORT 2

The research area is located in western Georgia, namely from the village Anaklia to the city of Kobuleti, and includes the following rivers:

1. River Little Enguri – village Anaklia
2. The river Khobistskali – village Kulevi
3. The river Rioni delta – city of Poti
4. Rioni channel – city of Poti
5. River Kapapartchkha – village Maltakva (Poti)
6. The river. Supsa – village Supsa
7. Ureki channel – Ureki
8. The river Sepa – Ureki
9. The river Natanebi – village Ordered
10. The river Choloki – city of Kobuleti
11. The river. Kintrishi – the city of Kobuleti
12. The river Dekhva – Kobuleti

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