30th July 2016, Mavi Deniz has been signed the contract to supply a range of IMO training courses to address all aspects of oil spill planning, response, and management. These are known as the OPRC Model Courses. These courses have been designed and developed by our international group ofIMO OPRC MODEL COURSES EXERCISE Training 2 experts. They are available in CD format and include instructor’s manuals, participant manuals, training aids in presentations, and additional guidance and tools.

The IMO courses on oil pollution preparedness and response have been developed for three levels of competency:

  • Operational staff ( Level 1 );
  • Supervisors and on-scene commanders ( Level 2) ;
  • Senior management personnel ( Level 3 ).

The OPRC Model courses 2006 edition is currently being updated. The new edition will be available at the end of 2015.
With our incident response expertise, we provide the following services to help test and improve your preparedness:

  • Notification exercises — to test your response process and mobilization procedures
  • Walk-through guided exercises — to support new personnel, teams, or new Oil Spill Contingency Plans.
  • Exercise observation — studying the exercise without being involved often provides more detailed feedback focused on the objectives.
  • Table-top exercises — designed to test the risk of your operations and allow for analysis of the incident response
  • Equipment deployment exercises — to develop your ability to deploy Tier 1 equipment safely and effectively
  • Incident management exercises — designed to develop your incident management team
  • Full-scale incident management exercises — designed to test the full response capability. The review outputs can also refine, for example, to include specific equipment recommendations.
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