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Marpol Waste Reception Facility

Marpol Waste Reception Facility (2)
Marpol Waste Reception Facility (1)
Marpol Waste Reception Facility (4)
Marpol Waste Reception Facility (3)
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Waste Acceptance Station is a facility where bilge water, wastewater, sludge, slope, waste oil, and garbage of the vessels that came to the ports for loading/unloading purposes are received and separated into different containers according to the Picking Wastes from Vessels and Waste Control Regulations”. In the scope of M.A.R.P.O.L. Appendix-I, the bilge water will be dewatered in our Waste Acceptance Station; residual wastewater will be treated in our plant. According to the provisions (Regulation for Water Pollution Control), it will be discharged provisions (Regulation for Water Pollution Control) S.K.K.Y. Sludge, waste oil, and dewatered bilge water will be eliminated in the licensed facilities.

Garbage wastes subjected to M.A.R.P.O.L. Annex-V will be sent to a solid waste depot process area.

The processing plant divides into two sections:

The solid waste section is where all domestic waste collected from the ship is further segregated and treated to produce high-quality recyclable material. We have a Materials Recovery Facility {MRF) where all the waste goes on a conveyor belt and is separated into various categories; paper, cardboard, plastic, cans, glass bottles, and “non-recyclable contaminated waste.”

The non-recyclable contaminated waste, where applicable, is put into the  incinerators equipped with scrubber towers ensuring the expelled flue gas meets stringent national and international emissions levels. The incinerators meet European Union environmental standards, which are extremely stringent.

TP 1TP 5TP 10TP 15TP 20TP 25
Capacity1 m3/hr5 m3/hr10 m3/hr15 m3/hr20 m3/hr25 m3/hr
Storage Tanks1 m3 to 2.000 m3 ( Optional )
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