MAVI DENIZ signs an agreement with OilX Hydro SPRL / BVBA Company to deliver a drum oil skimmer with a complete hydraulic power pack and transfer pumps. The steel plant in Belgium needs to recover the oils and are more lube and hydraulic oil than raw or heavy fuels.Drum Oil Skimmer 2
Drum Oil Skimmer Capacity: 20 m3 / hr
These floating drum skimmers float on the surface, and sealed flotation makes it unsinkable. The drums are motor-driven (by air or hydraulics) and turn slowly, attracting the oil to its surface and rotating around to the wiper blade, which scrapes the floating oil off, and it runs into the sump area, where it is picked up by pump suction and transferred to storage.
Hydraulically operated skimmers may be delivered with diesel or electric-driven hydraulic power packs.
It features an electric start diesel engine mounted in a steel cage frame fitted with controls. Handles and solid wheels are fitted so that the unit can move around the site. The open style allows excellent access for maintenance.

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