Group Companies

Our Vision
The vision of MAVI DENIZ is to be a leading company, in both national and international markets, as an oil spill cleanup contractor/ dredging contractor to an oil spill response and remediation equipment producer that pursues the latest technology in areas of environmental protection and renewable energy and by increasing our capacity within the scope of Total Quality Management philosophy aims the satisfaction of the Customers, Employees, Shareholders and all other entities through the economically feasible solutions it presents.

Our Mission

Mavi Deniz is a world-class environmental protection company that efficiently utilizes its resources and produces environmentally sensitive, high-quality, marketable products with minimum cost and maximum sales. Our company is open to continuous improvements, innovations, research, and development has determined its mission to give service globally in conformity with the best technology in the areas of oil spill containment and recovery, dredging, pollution control to protect and preserve the ecosystems of our seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, dams, lagoons, beaches, soils and environment.

Our efficient staff, agencies, and services efficiently provide the most developed products in pollution control and dredging sectors and fulfill the highest customer satisfaction and contribute to the national economy.

Our Core Values

  • Always giving priority to customer satisfaction and quality in products and services.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Cost-performance effective solutions through R&D.
  • Efficiency in research and development.
  • Always targeting the best with continuous improvement and improving efficiency.
  • To act honestly and respectfully to our Customers, Employees, and Suppliers.
  • To see our employees as an essential value.
  • To adopt team spirit & teamwork as a principle regarding a corporate environment.
  • Occupational health and safety.
  • Protect the environment, nature, and human health.