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MAVI DENIZ is located in Istanbul, Turkey, and has response teams on permanent standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Oil Spill Response and Spill Prevention Service.

MAVI DENIZ is the region’s leading Oil Spill Response and Oil Spill Prevention contractor with its equipment and personnel. Our company is fully equipped and plays a significant role in preventing and minimizing the environmental pollution caused by fuels, oils, and chemicals that spread into the Sea due to collision, fire, or grounding.

The Oil Spill Response team is trained to the highest industry standards and regularly exercises at Sea. At Sea, the Oil Spill Response team can respond to at-sea oil spills.

Mavi Deniz is on standby 24 hours a day to respond to such incidents at Sea, rivers, estuary, or shorelines. Since its inception, Mavi Deniz has been involved in nearly every significant marine spill response and prevention in Turkey.

Mavi Deniz provides Tier1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 standby support to ports, marina, shipyard, refineries, oil, pipelines, oil/gas exploration, and production companies. Our equipment and vessel are also available for hiring as Tier 1 or Tier 2 kits or flexibly to supplement the client’s existing inventory and requirements for short or long periods depending on the operations. All our equipment is certified by B.V. or Equivalent and well maintained according to an internal maintenance procedure.

Also, Mavi Deniz’s expertise has been requested to assist clients along the Aegean Sea, Black Sea, Marmara Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Mavi Deniz specializes in Oil Spills in offshore / nearshore on-water recovery, shoreline cleanup, cargo lightering, and salvage wreck removals.

When the oil is spilled at Sea, Oil Spills will naturally spread, fragment, and disperse under the influence of wind, waves, and currents. Mavi Deniz can immediately dispatch dedicated Spill Response and Oil Spill Prevention equipment, including the highly efficient anti-pollution vessels SEACAT worldwide.

Mavi Deniz can provide project management, contracted labor, response-specific equipment, material supply, and disposal options in whole or parts as your needs suit.

Mavi Deniz offers complete services regarding protecting and cleaning the marine environment and responding to oil and chemical spill services.

Mavi Deniz is the most significant private company in the region in marine and land-based Oil Spill Response + Oil Spill Prevention. Our expertise extends from the large-scale marine petroleum oil spill response to small unknown hazardous material response. Mavi Deniz offers complete packages for Oil Spill Response on coastal waters and offshore.

We have trained managers, supervisors, and technicians available to assist with your specific response needs and the equipment and materials to provide turn-key of Emergency Spill Response and Spill Prevention. Personnel and project-specific resumes are available upon request and client references.

Once the oil is spilled at Sea, it will naturally spread, fragment, and disperse under the influence of wind, waves, and currents.

Our relationships with industry, regulatory agencies, and local concerns are unparalleled. Few organizations can offer a broader experience.

Mavi Deniz offers :

  • 7 x 24 emergency Oil Spill Response and Oil Spill Prevention in incidents
  • To prevent the spill from reaching the shore,
  • To reduce the impact on marine life
  • To speed the degradation of any unrecovered oil.

Dispersants are chemical agents (similar to soaps and detergents) that help break up an oil slick into tiny droplets, diluting the water. While this does not remove the spilled material, smaller oil particles are more easily biodegraded, providing a measure of protection for sensitive habitats threatened by a surface slick. Dispersants are sprayed onto spills by specially equipped boats or planes.

Dispersants, applied to the spill via vessels or planes, can effectively break up light- or medium-density oil spills as a final “polish” after other response options have been used.

We are equipped to perform emergency oil transfers, deploy preventative pollution measures such as containment boom, lease standby recovery equipment, and perform other services such as company-specific response training. Whether you require workboats, tugboats for offshore drilling platform handling, containment booms, fenders for a lightering operation, vacuum units, shoreline booms for a beach cleaning project, or dredgers for site remediation, Mavi Deniz can assist in designing and installing a system that fits your specific needs.

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