Portable Vacuum System

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Mavi Deniz Mini Vac Portable Vacuum System is used to remove liquids, solids, and sludge from land or sea. Mini Vacuum system is an innovative and proven oil spill recovery method with highly efficient and mobile units. Portable Vacuum System is designed to fit the need of large and small material spills. Mini Vac Vacuum system is used to recover stranded oil from beaches, ditches, roadways, and ground, and after that, oil is sucked up into the wheeled tank or drum.

Mini Vac – Portable Vacuum System

  • Place between the suction head and the truck
  • Wet or dry materials diverted into a 208-liter drum.
  • Intercepts Debris
  • Saves contamination of vacuum truck
  • Reduces decontamination costs

Mini Vac system is a unique modular system for cleaning major oil spills. MiniVac is designed to recover all liquid types, including highly viscous oils and debris solids to 5 cm. Mini Vac portable vacuum system, providing high-velocity air carrying performance for the removal of liquids, weeds, viscous oils, hydraulic oil, muds, sludges solvents, hazardous waste, and solid debris ( rocks, cement, powder paint, sand, glass, woods, and leaves ) from industrial locations, pipelines, beaches, drilling sites, drains, roadways, etc. Mini Vac system is lightweight, overcoming mobility problems on rocky beaches and other unstable areas where oil skimmers would not operate, absorbents, and workforce would be costly to recover. Mavi Deniz Mini Vac Portable Vacuum System comes with a guarantee of worldwide service and spare parts delivery at short notice. Hundreds of satisfied customers are currently using Mini Vac units worldwide suction a wide range of liquid and solid waste materials in over twenty countries.


  • Portable Vacuum System is Lightweight
  • Portable Vacuum System is Simple to use, for one-person operation.
  • Portable Vacuum System Converts any open head 208-liter drum into the storage container.
  • Automatic shutoff prevents drum overflow.
  • Fills drums.
  • Less fragile than vacuum heads with floats that hang below.
  • The amount of vacuum drawn on the drum can control
  • Portable Vacuum System Can match with any vacuum source


  • Storage Container
  • Vacuum Hopper
  • High-Pressure Washer
  • Spare Part

Mini Vac II - 15 HpMini Vac II - 10 HpMini Vac I - 7.5 hpMini Vac I - 5.5 hp
Application Industrial and spill response Industrial and spill response Industrial and spill response Industrial and spill response
Engine15 Hp Diesel Engine10 Hp Diesel Engine7.5 Hp , 3 Phase 380 Volt5.5 Hp , 3 Phase 380 Volt
Vacuum Blower 500 m3 / hr210 m3 / hr 500 m3 / hr400 m3 / hr
Drive Diesel Diesel Electric Electric
Drum Capacity200 lt200 lt140 lt120 lt
FrameMarine painted mounted on all terrain wheels, steel cage frame with lifting eye
Hose Set2 x ( 5 m vacuum hoses + 5 m suction hoses )
Weight220 kg200 kg150 kg125 kg
AccessoriesSuction Wand
OptionalStorage Container, Vacuum Hopper, High Pressure Washer, Spare Part

Portable Vacuum System

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Portable Vacuum System


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