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Mavi Deniz’s marine systems operation provides “Steel” Navigation Buoys or “resilient polyethylene foam” Navigation Buoys in a wide range of diameters and net buoyancies. The buoy bodies can supply on their own or with the addition of navigation equipment, including but not limited to beacons, solar-powered or dry cell batteries, radar reflectors — a complete range of IALA compliant, low maintenance, robust buoys from 1.25 to 3.6m diameter and providing a realistic alternative to traditional steel buoys. These modular buoys are lighter, easily transported, less maintained, and deployed using smaller support vessels. The Hull sections and superstructure are manufactured from ‘UV’ stable Virgin Polyethylene. The superstructure uses a unique, ‘twin skin’ construction technique, while the Hull sections are filled with water-resistant foam, preventing sinking. The Hull sections are fitted around a fully integrated HDG steel core incorporating mooring and lifting eyes. The flat base design ensures that the Buoys are easily stored upright and adaptable to ‘dry out’ situations. The hull sections resist impact and provide a limited ‘self-fendering’ position.

Our newly designed UHMWPE Navigation Buoy is cost-effective, long-life, and environment-friendly. The UHMWPE float could absorb the collision force maximally, which will efficiently help the buoys to spring back without deformation. The UHMWPE material is hard to tear with remarkable resilience and stretch resistance. The UHMWPE float could absorb the collision force maximally, efficiently helping the buoys spring back without deformation. A unique steel structure is supported inside the buoy, and high-density polyurethane foam is filled with solid support to the floats, which will keep the buoy’s high strength and excellent sealing. The superstructure is anti-corrosion treated, and its service life could be over 20 years;  The mooring eyes and lifting eyes are specially designed, and their breaking load could reach 60 tons. The International Association of lighthouse authorities was formed to unify the world’s buoyage system. Our Navigation Buoy was developed for IALA systems. The IALA systems type buoy, lateral,  cardinal surface water, hidden danger, and individual. The IALA buoyage system is split into two regions, A and B.


  • The plastic buoy does not need paint for ten years.
  • The float is self-colored and made with environment-friendly pigments imported from Europe without polluting the environment.
  • Ten years do not need to paint.
  • Ballast weights inside the tailpipe have been anti-corrosion treated.
  • UV stability
  • Long Service Life
  • Light Weight
NB 800NB 1200NB 1500NB 1800NB 2100NB 2400NB 3050NB 3500
MaterialUHWPE / Polyethylene / Steel
Width800 mm1200 mm1500 mm1800 mm2100 mm2400 mm3050 mm3500 mm
Bouying Depth1.5 m - 10 m2 m - 20 m4 m - 20 m6 m - 30 m8 m - 40 m10 m - 50 m15 m - 60 m20 m - 70 m
Focal Plane Height1.5 m - 10 m2 m - 20 m4 m - 20 m6 m - 30 m3515 mm4525 mm5160 mm6090 mm
Free Board450 mm510 mm630 mm720 mm800 mm975 mm1115 mm1240 mm
Height2900 mm3380 mm4100 mm1685 mm5755 mm6930 mm7610 mm8250 mm
Weight195 kg550 kg680 kg1685 kg1900 kg2975 kg3490 kg3860 kg
Reserve BuoyancyUp to 0.2 TUp to 0.5 TUp to 1 TUp to 1.5 TUp to 2.4 TUp to 4 TUp to 7.6 TUp to 11 T
ColourIALA Colours Red / Green / White / Yellow
OptionsAIS / Solar panels / Radar reflectors
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