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MAVI DENIZ is located in Istanbul, Turkey, and has response teams on permanent standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Oil Spill Response on Land and shoreline

On Land and shoreline, oil spills slow damage to the environment. Spills on Land have a higher risk of directly impacting human activities or resources associated with social or economic activities.

(Shoreline + Inland) Oil Spill Response teams are trained to the highest industry standards and regularly exercise. (Shoreline + Inland) The Oil Spill Response team can respond to the on-land and pipeline oil spills, from a minor domestic oil spills to major industrial incidents, such as pipeline oil spills, jet fuel, and industrial oil storage spills.

For shoreline cleanup, we use natural recovery, manual removal, flooding or washing, use of vacuums, the amphibious machine, oil skimmer, skimming vessel, oil boom, mechanical removal, tilling and aeration, sediment reworking or surf washing, and the use of sorbents or chemical cleaning agents.

Mavi Deniz provides Tier1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 standby support to ports, marina, shipyards, refineries, oil companies, pipelines, oil/gas exploration, industry, and production companies. Our equipment is also available for hiring as Tier 1 or Tier 2 kits or flexibly to supplement the client’s existing inventory and requirements for short or long periods depending on the operations. All our equipment is certified by B.V. or Equivalent and well maintained according to an internal maintenance procedure.

The shoreline’s basic structure and the size of the material present are the most critical factors in terms of oil spill cleanup. Many shorelines are classified in sensitivity to oil spills and cleanup ease. Some types are bedrock, human-made solid structures, boulder beaches, pebble-cobble, mixed sand-gravel beaches, sand beaches, tidal sand flats, mud tidal flats, marshes, peat, and low-lying tundra, and mangrove.

When oil reaches the shoreline, we may require considerable effort to clean the affected areas. Most ship-source oil spills occur close to the coast, and, as a result, many spills contaminate shorelines. Oil reaching standing on the shore can cause significant environmental and economic impacts. It may also largely determine the political and public perception of the incident’s scale and the over costs.

Mavi Deniz can also assist in various land-based responses for petroleum products.

  • Tank farm oil spills
  • Oil pipeline spill
  • Jet fuel spill
  • Industrial oil storage spill
  • Tanker rollover product recovery
  • Rail incident spills
  • Aviation incident spills
  • Contingency planning
  • Site regulatory compliance audits
  • Remediation of contaminated sites
  • Environmental site investigations

Mavi Deniz has proven to address the emergency both safely and more efficiently.

Also, Mavi Deniz can perform remediation operations once the emergency phase has been completed. We have personnel and subcontractors who can help return the surrounding environment to its original condition, with services ranging from site assessment to bioremediation.

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