Umbilical Hose Reel

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Umbilical Reel
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Umbilical Hose Reel is designed to meet the demands of static + dynamic applications + function in subsea, offshore, or onshore operations. The umbilical Reel allows handling and deployment of the skimmer over the side of a ship or other barriers.

The umbilical Hose Reel has a telescopic crane arm or fordable telescopic Crane with a max reach of 6 m and a lifting capacity of 3t. The unit can mount on a 10 or 20-ft flat rack with a turntable and rotated 360°. The hose System is a continuous self-floating umbilical up to 100 meters with 6″ cargo hoses, one for hydraulic power lines and one for cargo.

Umbilical Reel’s hose system provides a safe and efficient method for distributing hydraulic fluids, fuel oil, and chemicals, supporting chemical injection and hydraulic control. Power and communication functions can integrate with electrical and fiber optic cables. Capabilities of Umbilical Reel arrange for your requirements.


  • Handle for Offshore type Oil Skimmers
  • Continuous self-floating umbilical
  • Modular design
  • Ex zone 02
  • Suitable for Ø150mm x 600m subsea umbilical.
  • Remote controlled by radio
  • Oil transfer and hydraulic hoses can supply in various lengths
  • Compact Design
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy hook up to the existing structure
  • 3rd Party Inspection Certification
  • Emergency offloading
  • Cargo transfer ship to ship – ship to shore
  • DNV 2.7-3 and EN 12079-1
Umbilical 100Umbilical 80Umbilical 50Umbilical 30
Umbilical Lenght100m80m50m30m
Hose Size6”6”6” or 5"4" or 3"
Drive SystemHydraulic or Electric
Power PackMounted or Seperated or Other Source
Crane TypeTelescopic Arm or Foldable Telescopic
Crane Lifting Capacity (SWL)3000 KG
Crane Reach6m
Storage CanvasStandard
ISO container cornersStandard
PaintMarine Grade Coating (Standard)
Marine Grade Coating (Standard)Optional
Ex SystemOptional
Mounted on20 ft skid20 ft skid10 ft skid10 ft skid
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