Policy Excellence Mavi Deniz
Policy Excellence Mavi Deniz
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Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy

As Mavi Deniz and its employees, we see the “HSE” as something entrusted to future generations. We claim to protect the environment and natural resources with an understanding of the Total Quality philosophy, which forms the basis of our management.

MAVI DENIZ’s HSE focus on the following areas;

  • Integrated management of HSE Risks, including atypical risks associated with foreign operations;
  • HSE Leadership and Accountability in every business area;
  • Communication and dissemination of HSE culture.

Quality Policy

To continue our leadership as the best company in the environmental sector, we will search for the best in everything with our employees, suppliers, shareholders, and customers.

Because of this, MAVI DENIZ’s quality policy is based on;

  • In line with Mavi Deniz’s vision for the future, we develop and manufacture affordable, easy-to-use, reliable, environment-friendly consumer spill response products and deliver after-sales service by implementing state-of-the-art technologies to satisfy our customer needs beyond their expectations.
  • Providing emergency response services within the shortest possible time and with optimum costs, meeting our customers’ expectations comprehensively, and enhancing pollution response products and services rendered to our customers to the top quality level.
  • Follow technological innovations closely to acquire the expertise necessary for designing and developing solutions.
  • To design and produce systems coherent with high-reliability criteria and provide spill response services with financial and productive high technology related to the operation of the plans included in our work scope.
  • Our structure is suitable for continuous development under continually increasing competitive conditions. Developing projects ideal for the latest technology are economical and meet the applicable codes of practice, specifications and standards, and customer requirements.
  • We ensure our employees’ participation, satisfaction, and development through continuous training activities, which are our most essential resources.
  • Raise the working quality of our employees, solution partners, and suppliers by encouraging and supporting them, thereby raising the quality of society.
  • We review our management system and work processes starting with the suppliers and ending with the customers. We define proactive approaches to improve performance and create values in all activity fields.
  • Based on the Total Quality Philosophy principles and motivated by teamwork, we work hard to attain institutional and departmental targets and maintain continuous progress and growth in the target markets.

We document, certificate, and continuously improve our Quality Management System to comply with the ISO 9001 standard requirements.
MAVI DENIZ was approved for its integrated quality and environmental management system. It makes Mavi Deniz unique and, in the world, one of the few companies in its sector to obtain approval for an embedded system.

All the company activities are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, and the environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2004 certification. The oil spill response equipment and dredging machines manufacture in Turkey. We are proud of our quality and standards, and the production plant has the internationally recognized ISO 9001 Quality certificate and ISO 14001 Environmental certificate.

Furthermore, the relevant national and international authorities and classification societies approve all the pollution control products and machines supplied by MAVI DENIZ.

Our partners accredit us and now offer MCA and IMO level training courses and select courses often customized to our customer’s requirements. We provide the best possible oil spill response equipment tailored to contingency plans, local demand, and potential environmental incidents.

MAVI DENIZ authorized collecting ships’ waste regarding MARPOL liquid and solid waste reception certificates by the Turkish Ministry of Environment.

Mavi Deniz provides services to coastal facilities such as shipyards, ports, and refineries. Our large fleet and staff/team experts specialized in their fields, ‘Principles of Emergency Response and Compensation for Damages in Pollution of Marine Environment by Oil and Other Harmful Substances’ certificates by the Turkish Ministry of Maritime.

In this respect, Mavi Deniz :

  • By the concept of Sustainable Development, and following technical, economic, and commercial evaluation, to protect our natural resources and use energy and raw materials most efficiently and productively and apply technology to reduce the minimum waste discharged into the environment.
  • Elaborate systems that will prevent pollution before it forms in its source.
  • Act accordingly to the legal rules and regulations of the domestic and international environmental systems.
  • Choose the material and technology to minimize the negative environmental influences at the production and use time, starting from the planning stage.
  • To develop an infrastructure that continually controls, monitors, and defines environmental parameters to eliminate ecological risk.
  • We are enhancing environmental sensitivity by training and controlling our employees and sub-contractors within the body of Mavi Deniz.
  • We are reducing the amount of waste and supporting the recovery and recycling activities.
  • To prevent pollution by deploying the new or enhanced suitable technologies in our production process in our products.
  • Develop innovative products that have less environmental impact, consume less fuel, are less noisy, and are more recyclable material.
  • In light of the identified environmental targets and goals, we must apply an environmental management system complying with the ISO 14001
  • Environmental Management Standards and develop and ensure the continuity of all our environmental activities within the framework.

Continuous Optimization to Benefits for our Customers

  • Ongoing Certification Process
  • Quality Controls During Production
  • Standardized Fat Procedures
  • Close Dialogue with our Suppliers

Mavi Deniz performs works that are by standards of the major Classification Societies, such as:

  • RINA
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