Trash Rack Cleaner – Screen Cleaning Machine

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Trash Rack Cleaning
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Mavi Deniz is designed to be used in all types of applications where debris accumulation on the Bar Screens is typical, and protection of downstream equipment is essential. Ideal to use in wastewater treatment plants, potable water treatment plants, pumping stations, intake power plants, inland reclamation works

The trash rake cleaner head comprises an angular steel profile to which a wiper edge is fastened, ensuring thorough Trash Rack cleaning and removing even the most minor pieces of debris. Perfect alignment of the Trash Rack bars is not essential since the cleaning rake does not engage between the steel bars.

The Cleaner Boom connects to the support stand by two axles with flange bearings to permit the required rotation despite life-long lubrication, and these flange bearings are also furnished with grease nipples. Both arms are fabricated of heavy-wall steel tubing, which offers exceptionally high torsional strength.

Trash Rack Cleaner Operated By;

  • Cable Operated Racking Machine
  • Hydraulically Operated Racking Machine

Cable-operated ranking machines can be operated manually and automatically without an operator. The trash raking machine rides on deck-mounted rails to traverse the structure to clean all trash racks, one section at a time. Cleaning is accomplished by lowering and controlling the debris gripper with cables. Debris can rake into a trash rail car or bin that moves with the rake or into a debris conveyance (conveyor) system.

Hydraulic-operated ranking machines can be operated manually and automatically without an operator. The debris is raked up the trash rack by the hydraulic rake and dumped onto the deck for manual removal or into a debris conveyance system. This type of trash rake is designed to operate both automatically and manually. The hydraulic power system uses Specially formulated environmentally safe hydraulic oil that provides the oil pressure necessary to perform the servomotors with Pressure relief valves providing overload protection.

Trash Rake Boom Design

  • Single-arm column-type cleaning machine
  • Single-arm cleaning machine
  • Double arm cleaning machine
  • Double-arm Telescopic cleaning machine
  • Double arm, dual Piston cleaning machine

Features | Optional

  • jib crane hoist with grab rake,
  • Hydraulic and electric controls are all accommodated inside the weatherproof control cabin.
  • Requires no conveyors. You can dump the raked debris directly into a truck.
  • Automatic and continuous Trash Rack cleaning, if required
  • The Drive apparatus is not installed under the water and is easy to maintain.
  • The screen covers the whole water channel width, providing a wider screening width and high-efficiency performance.
  • Traveling type is also available for covering a plural water channel upon the client’s request.
  • The telescopic arm is of rigid frame construction. This rigid configuration also enables to use of smaller mesh screens.
  • The raking point can be set at any desired depth to scrape the residue.
  • A unique arm sliding mechanism with a balance weight offers quieter and low-energy operation.
  • Drive apparatus is installed over the water channel, and the arm with a rake can also be positioned above the water to allow easy check and maintenance.
  • PLC Control
Trash Rack Cleaner
Trash Rake TypeCable | Hydraulic
Trash Rake HeadMobile | Fixed
Trash Rake Head WidthUp to 7 m
Raking DepthUp to 30 mt
Rake Boom DesignSingle | Double | Telescopic
Min. Bar space10 mm
Driven byElectric or Hydraulic
Working Angle30 – 75°
MaterialStainless Steel | Aluminum | Hot-dip galvanization
Mesh Size2 mm to 50 mm
Angle of Installationmin. 30 degrees recommend
Lifting Finger Space or BarEvery 3 mt
Lifting CapacityUp to 2200 kg
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