River Dredging Machine

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Our Multipurpose River Dredging Machine is Designed and built in Istanbul, and the Crocodile is suitable for a broad range of works in all types of bodies of water :
River Dredging Machine is versatility on the water makes it ideal for uses ranging from heavy work to fast emergency response. Its powerful engine, propulsion system and pumps, superior mobility, and sophisticated positioning equipment place it in a class by itself. Another important environmental feature of the River Dredging Machine is its ability to operate with low noise levels, equip it with a supercritical silencer that reduces noise to shallow levels.

Cleaning and restoring contaminated rivers and canals and other waterways / Reconstruction of shorelines / Creating wildlife habitats / Controlling vegetation / Installing water pipes, pipelines and submarine cables / Flood Control, Installing water pipes, pipelines and submarine cables with the River Dredging Machine’s technology is possible to drive piles from the water. That protects the shores and enables pile driving at a considerable distance from the coast. River Dredging Machine moves independently in water with its propulsion system and excavator assembly. River Dredging Machine anchors with its spuds and does not need steel cables for dredging, which may disturb passing water traffic.

The machine arrives as a complete unit on a truck or cruises there by itself on water. After coming to the site on a trailer, there is no need for costly crane assistance because the machine “walks” in and out of the water without any outside help. River Dredger can remove floating or rooted vegetation, harmful stones, and trash from the bottom via the rake.
River Dredger can pump the soil through a pipeline to a discharge area located up to 1 km away by suction dredging. The soil is mixed with copious amounts of water in this process, 80-90 % of the total volume.

Dredging in places where it’s hard or impossible to work with other machinery
( lakes, rivers, wetlands, shallow waters, harbors, canals, shorelines, industrial pools, under bridges, tunnels, etc. )
Where unique/versatile dredger is needed, which can both pump and excavate
Where it is not feasible to mobilize several one-purpose machines
( cutter suction dredger, backhoe dredger, excavator, tugboat, assembly cranes or assisting vessels for anchorage to the site )
Dredging in places where there is a water traffic jam
Where pipelines/submarine cables/pile driving in water or on the shoreline is needed
Where vegetation do not permit conventional dredger
Where floating or rooted plant has to be removed/controlled from the bottom
Where environmental dredging required

The Crocodile Multipurpose Dredger’s independent dredging movements and anchoring base on hydraulic stabilizers.
Two rear stabilizers, equipped with hydraulic tilting cylinders spuds. Depth control through hydraulic
Two front stabilizers with detachable floats and removable spuds.

Propulsion system
River Dredging Machine’s propulsion system is designed to provide maximum power with minimal disruption. The top speed is 8 knots. The propeller can rise in shallow waters to protect aquatic vegetation and avoid disturbing riverbed sediment. Environmental dredging in a tropical and arctic climate.

River Dredging Machine’s cab meets the highest standards of comfort and ergonomic with excellent visibility. The pilot controls all hydraulic functions from the cabin. It is equipped with fully adjustable deluxe seats, easy to reach controls, side windows that can open, and a range of standard and optional accessories like sunroof hatch, radio system, and gauging for hydraulics/engine.

Equipped with a light, compact, low-pollution Cummins / Caterpillar vs. engine. The Crocodile excavator has the power to spare (250 to 375 hp – standard model: 250 hp).

One-piece body divided into 7 watertight compartments for protection. Corrosion-resistant painting system for minimum 3 years guarantee. Protective skid bars on the bottom. Slip-Safe deck. Handrails.

Maximum bucket reach: 6.5 m to 7.85 m through 180º Maximum depth: 6.5 m
Breakout force (from bucket cyl.): 77 kN ( depends on selected option )
Digging force (from bucket cyl.): 40 kN ( depends on selected option )
Lifting capacity at max. Reach: 16 kN ( depends on selected option )

Bucket System
Several tools are available for backhoe dredging; a 400l bucket with teeth for standard work, an 800l bucket for bigger sites, and a clamshell bucket for environmental dredging. The dredged material can be deposited on barges or, in narrow channels, directly on the shore with the bucket. Stone and trash removal can be done with the backhoe bucket, clamshell bucket. Larger stones can be moved to the coast, deeper into the water, buried, or they can, for example, be used to make a breakwater.

Crocodile 1000Crocodile 1400Crocodile 1500
Length11 m14 m15 m
Width3.5 m3.5 m4.3 m
Height3.2 m3.2 m3.2 m
Draft0.6 m0.6 m0.6 m
Weight20 t24 t28 t
HullOne piece hull with 7 watertight compartmentOne piece hull with 9 watertight compartmentOne piece hull with 13 watertight compartment
F/O Tank1200 lt1400 lt1600 lt
Engine260 hp / 350 hp ( Optional )350 hp / 500 hp ( Optional )500 hp / 700 hp ( Optional )
Propeller1 x Hydraulic Driven Propeller2 x Hydraulic Driven Propeller2 x Hydraulic Driven Propeller
Speed4 Knots5 Knots5 Knots
Excavation Digging Depth5.3 m / 6.3 m ( Optional )8 m / 9 m ( Optional )10.5 m / 12 m ( Optional )
Excavation Pumping Depth6.3 m9 m11.5 m
Stabilizer DepthFront : 3.5 m / Rear : 6.3 mFront : 5.0 m / Rear : 9 mFront : 6.0 m / Rear : 11 m
Electrical System12 or 24 V
Hydraulical System Capacity500 L700 L1000 L
PaintEpoxy coating underwater hull, decks & superstructure with a lifetime of about 3 years.
Optional EquipmentBackhoe Bucket ( 800 L ) / Clamshell Bucket ( 600 L ) / Piling Bucket / Cutter Suction Pump / Horizontal Suction Pump Bucket | Auger Head / Oil Recovery Bucket / Rake ( 2.8 m ) / Pile Driver / Oil Spill Spray System / Discharge Pipe ( HDPE ) | Floats Spray Pipe / Air Condition | Heater / Class Certificate / Navigation Equipment / Side Pontoon / Service Crane / Service Boat / Spare Parts / Trailer