Self Inflatable Oil Boom

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Mavi Deniz’s Self-Inflatable Oil Boom is a rapid deployment boom that makes it suitable for use in various conditions, from protected water to moderate ocean.

Self Inflatable Oil Boom is a rapidly self-inflating, rapid-response emergency deployment curtain-type boom. The flotation chamber is cylindrical and retains its shape and stability by incorporating a series of semi-rigid, lightweight hoops spaced at equal intervals throughout the length of the boom.

Self Inflatable Oil Boom is deployed from containers or a boat deck. The self-Inflating Flash boom will be used faster than any other air-inflatable boom worldwide.

Rugged one-way inflation check valves are spaced along the top of the flotation chamber. Pure tension during deployment causes the boom to expand and automatically self-inflate.


  • Self Inflatable Oil Boom is Ideal for operations in ports, harbors, inland and coastal waters the moderate ocean for emergency response.
  • Single-point inflation is easy and rapid deployment. ( 300 meters can be deployed in less than five minutes. )
  • Available in a wide range of PVC and PU-coated fabrics
  • Unique Self-Inflating technology does not require using pumps, blowers, or compressors.
  • Boom deployment, fully automatic. Just pull into the water for immediate containment of spills.
  • No moving parts to break. No springs to corrode.
  • Internal bulkheads ensure boom will not sink in the event of a puncture.
  • Corrosion-resistant ASTM style marine grade aluminum connectors
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel ballast chain
  • Custom sizes available
Self 1700Self 1100Self 1000Self 900Self 750Self 500
Application AreaOffshoreOffshoreOffshoreHarbourHarbourRiver
Overall Height1700 mm1100 mm1000 mm900 mm750 mm500 mm
Freeboard650 mm450 mm350 mm300 mm250 mm150 mm
Draft1050 mm650 mm650 mm600 mm500 mm350 mm
Fabric Material1100 dtex, PVC (Standard) | PU (Optional)
Fabric Weight900 g/m²900 g/m²900 g/m²900 g/m²900 g/m²900 g/m²
Tensile Strenght4000 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm
BallastGalvanized Chain
Section Length25 m25 m25 m25 m25 m25 m
ConnectorASTM Z or ASTM Universal
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