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Mavi Deniz Portable Incinerator is designed to be a high-temperature industrial waste incinerator specifically designed to burn solid waste, sludge oil, sewage sludge, plastics, paper, wood, rubber, cloth, oily rags, food waste. When burning waste with low calorific value or high moisture content, such as non-infectious medical waste, it must be evenly loaded and distributed throughout the burning drum.

The two electric high-velocity blowers Mini Ash incinerator creates a vortex circulation. With the two-stage combustion process, the volume of the materials reduces up to 98% waste reduction by volume. Mini Ash Portable incinerator leaves behind a residue of harmless ash.


  • Low maintenance + operation cost
  • Total waste disposal
  • Easy-moving fully portable
  • Eco-friendly
Mini Ash IIMini Ash I
Drum Material205 L Steel (Standard) or 205 L Stainless Steel (Optional)
Dimensions80 cm x 80 cm x 108 cm
Blower2 x 900 watt - 240 volt (Standard) or 2 x 900 watt - 110 volt (Optional)
Mixed Combustible Waste 20 - 50 kg/hr and Oily Disposal Waste 5 - 10 kg/hr-
Burn RateMixed Combustible Waste 20 - 50 kg/hr and Oil Disposal Waste 5 - 10 kg/hr
Electrical120 V or 220 Volt
Oil Transfer AttachmentMetered Pump 10 - 23 lt/hr
Hose to Riser / Riser inside Drum/ Nozzle / Fittings
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