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Mavi Deniz’s River Boom is a robust flotation boom, an economical, well-proven oil containment. River Boom Model ranges from sheltered calm waters and low current conditions to high current open water oil containment.

Mavi Deniz River Boom is a versatile, general-purpose Contractors Special Boom designed for different spill response applications in inland waters. The River Boom freeboard is maintained with cylindrical foam floats. Cylindrical foam floatation has a higher waterline beam, is more stable, and offers more buoyancy and increased performance in rougher conditions than fence-type booms. The cylindrical Boom has a high buoyancy-to-weight ratio, and even the shape of the oil boom provides excellent stability in wave and windy conditions.

River Boom is available in five different sizes. ( 1.000 mm / 900 mm / 750 mm / 600 mm / 500 mm / 250 mm )

An optional added top tension member offers additional tensile strength and stabilizes the boom in fast currents. A heavy ballast chain ensures the boom skirt does not lift in fast currents.

River Boom has PVC or PU-coated fabrics resistant to hydrocarbons, chemicals, and weather conditions. The cylindrical boom is fitted with ASTM connectors.


  • River Boom is Ideal for operations in ports, harbors, lakes, rivers, streams, inland, and coastal where a quick response is required.
  • River Boom is available in a wide range of heavy-duty / PU fabrics.
  • With Cylindrical foam floatation ( HDPE ) for maximum memory characteristics.
  • It will retain shape and will not crush or break into pieces.
  • Corrosion-resistant ASTM style marine grade aluminum connectors.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel ballast chain/lead blocks.
  • Custom sizes available.
OR 250OR 500OR 600OR 750OR 900OR 1000
Application AreaRiverRiverRiverRiverRiverRiver
Overall height250 mm500 mm600 mm750 mm900 mm1000 mm
Freeboard100 mm180 mm200 mm250 mm300 mm300 mm
Draft150 mm320 mm400 mm500 mm600 mm700 mm
Fabric Material1100 dtex, PVC (Standard) | PU (Optional)
Fabric Weight900 g/m²900 g/m²900 g/m²900 g/m²900 g/m²900 g/m²
Tensile Strenght4000 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm2100 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm4000 N/5 cm
BallastGalvanized Chain
Section Length25 m25 m25 m25 m25 m25 m
ConnectorASTM Z or ASTM Universal
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