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Mavi Deniz Travelling Water Screens are designed to work in Hydropower plants, Water Utilities, Industrial Abstractors, Fisheries, Internal Drainage Boards, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Water Regulators.

Screen blockages and reduced flow are the primary cause of turbine downtime or poor performance at most hydro plants. Mavi Deniz traveling water screen can increase energy production and less time spent clearing blockages that lower operating costs and a higher return on investment.

Travelling Water Screen is a self-cleaning system that hydropower systems and water intakes receive the maximum flow available all of the time. Travelling Water Screen handles the trash or debris from the water surface and drops into the trash basket or surface, and all work can be done fully automatic or semi-automatic.

Typical Applications :

  • Traveling Water Screen for cooling tower basins.
  • Traveling Water Screen for the vertical or horizontal screens
  • Traveling Water Screen for debris removal.
  • Traveling Water Screen for Fish Screens.
  • Traveling Water Screen for natural water applications such as rivers, lakes, etc.
  • Traveling Water Screen for stormwater
  • Traveling Water Screen for Treatment Plant Protection
  • Traveling Water Screen for Pump/Turbine Protection
  • Traveling Water Screen for Liquids/Solids Separation
  • Traveling Water Screen for nuclear power plant
  • Traveling Water Screen for water intake
  • Traveling Water Screen for dam

Features | Options

  • Custom size and capacity for the Travelling Water Screen for your needs.
  • Services include the design and installation of large-scale traveling water screens.
  • Meet tough fish and eel screening requirements
  • No Underwater Bearings or Sprockets
  • Monitoring and controlling in real-time at PLC panel or remotely is available upon customer’s request to match his required specifications, providing both central control and local control system, including the automatic control of the operational speed of screen, interfacing with the detector of water level difference between intake side and aft-side.
  • Multiple Flow Support
  • Can Remain Unused for Long Periods, Yet Reliably Begin Operation During a Storm or Rain Event
  • Traveling Water Screen Mechanism allows handling Too Large or Bulky trash.
  • No oil pollution into the water
  • Driven by electric power or engine power
  • A safety device is provided and actuated to stop operation immediately when abnormal overload is engaged more than the designed load.
  • Dedicated spray nozzles are adopted, set at a non-step variable injection angle to wash strainer mesh entirely in an effective way with a less overlapping area of each nozzle.
  • Vertical or horizontal installation possible
  • Higher performance in new or existing intake applications
  • Easy to install, maintenance and Operate
Traveling Water Screen + Self Cleaning Trash rack
HeightUp to 4 m
WidthUp to 30 mt
Driven byElectric or Hydraulic
Case, Screen MaterialStainless Steel | Aluminum | Hot-dip galvanization
Mesh Size2 mm to 50 mm
Angle of Installationmin. 30 degrees recommend
Lifting Finger Space or BarEvery 3 mt
Lifting CapacityUp to 2200 kg
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